Seyir Muzik is a research center on Eastern and Mediterranean music based in Brussels.

It proposes a wide range activities, among which a music academy and a record company.

Seyir Muzik label was born thanks to the encounter of musicians, musicologists, sound engineers and instrument makers, gathered by the drive to share their passion for music.

Travel, path, route… The word seyir evokes theses ideas, whereas calling a feeling of magic. In music, seyir is the itinerary followed by the melody inside a given scale. The layout of the notes, its seyir, defines the makam one is part of. To free ourselves from the codes, we interest ourselves in the melody windings.

Seyir Muzik invites the audience to improve their quality of listening by proposing projects whose selection will be based on musical value.

A hearing committee whose members are sensitized by their profession and the experiences they have gathered each in their field. The quality of the artists we want to gather, our care in the selection of the repertoire presented and our conscientious work of the sound in the recordings are the thread of our label.

Resolutely oriented towards the East, on the outskirts of the Mediterranean sea, our label will also open to other traditions by the collaborations that have been created over time, while remaining in an acoustic spirit, respect for ancestral heritages still alive today. The albums we produce will be broadcast both physically and digitally throughout the world, in order to optimize their reception.